Diyses Ltd
Established 1999

You may have seen these in large chain hotels such as Premier Inn, Macdonald Hotels etc.

Energy saving switches for hotel rooms, offices, conference rooms and more. They should be fitted by a qualified electrician. One TAG/KEY FOB is supplied with each switch unit and can be customised as the key fob for traditional key operated hotel room doors.

The switches are used to control the room circuits directly. The main advantage of these switches is that there is no need to use additional equipment such as a contactor to switch on the power as they have up to 20 amp directly rated switches to control the heavier appliances such as electric heating or air conditioning as well as lighting. (If you already have a contactor fitted you can use these units with just one switch fitted to operate the contactor.) Water radiator heating systems can be controlled by an electrically operated valve if required.

The TAG switch unit is only available in WHITE. Each TAG unit is supplied with one tag that has a removable insert which can display room number, hotel address etc. Additional tags are available for extra key sets such as staff or just for spares.

One problem that should be given some thought is the need for charging  electrical equipment as more is being carried these days. Laptops, mobile phones, tablets, ebooks, cameras, shavers and toothbrushes all pose the question about what you should control in the room. You should consider leaving at least one socket live and clearly labelling it for charging purposes. Please note that if you have a mini-bar/fridge you should power this continuously. Guests should be notified of what power will remain on in the room while they are out to help prevent complaints when they return and find that their laptop or camera has not been charged.

The units can be supplied with the TAG pocket on the top to allow for the inclusion of light/appliance switch(es).

Tag or Fob operated unit showing fob inserted into pocket.
Keyfob with white insert printed with wording
Showing unit with external light switches and the pocket mounted on the top.