Diyses Ltd
Established 1999
Diyses supply energy saving switches which can be operated by insertion of a hotel room door key card or a special key fob or tag. These energy saving switches reduce energy costs and produce a speedy return on investment. Our switches work with the major hotel access control equipment produced by manufacturers such as Vingcard, Onity, Kaba, Cisa etc.

Hotel door access control systems (not supplied by Diyses Ltd) work on the principle of being able to programme a room swipe card for the duration of stay of the guest. No more lost keys and expensive lock changes. If the guest walks off with the swipe card it automatically stops working after the pre-programmed term of stay. The locks are battery powered to eliminate expensive wiring, about 3 years battery life with standard AA cells.

These systems are now being used in university student residential blocks, nursing accommodation etc. If you have a large quantity of doors needing secured access, these systems are a fraction of the price of conventional access control.

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